The Sweden-based conceptual artist Annaleena simply has a knack for beautiful decorations. Starting with an avid interest for interior styling until finally breaking ground through her own production, she is one of those creatives we have a natural inclination to. We caught up with her to discuss her upbringing in Finland, her creative process, and other interesting bits that make Annaleena special.

It’s only natural to ask first how you found yourself interested in interior design, and how the process of getting to where you are today has been for you.  

I’ve always been creative, I suppose, and I’ve always appreciated that which I find beautiful, surroundings as well as items. I just hadn’t found the way to express my creativity, until I started to get interested in interior design.

How did it develop from that point?

The interest developed when I was was at home with my small kids, and I started a blog to use as a creative diary. At that time it was just as a hobby, but later on I was schooled at the academy of Beckmans, where I took courses in interior styling, photography and home staging. Today, thanks to that blog I started years ago, I have my own company where I get the privilege to design items as well as style rooms and environments.

To me, my education and my blog has helped me both, and I totally enjoy that my work is also my passion.

How does your creative process pan out when you start working on a new project?

Often, I get creative and come up with ideas when meeting and collaborating with other creative people. Then, I develop the thought often in my mind before I put in on paper.


If you can, please elaborate how living in Finland inspired your style. 

Living in Finland has inspired my style to be more graphic, and of course the Finish design heritage, such as Alvar Aalto and Marrimekko, has of course impacted me as well.

Living in Finland has inspired my style to be more graphic.

What parts of your job do you like the most, and which do you like the least?

My favorite part in my job is to create. To form, produce, style and shape.

I do not enjoy the administrative parts as much.

What is your current favorite trend in interior design?

I love strong shapes.

And I must say I’ve been a fan of strong shapes for a long time, and probably still will when the trend’s over for this time.


Written by Fernando López for Interviews

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